Ainscow Hotel, Salford

Structural Alterations:

Conversion of this original Brewery to a High-end Hotel, involved adding a two-storey roof extension to an original steel framed structure. This interesting and challenging project required analysis of the various types of construction used to develop the building over its history.

The original tower structure was constructed in the 1870s and was largely thick masonry walls with central cast iron columns supporting cast iron beams internally. Further additions which had been made to the building over the years included a rear extension with large King-Post timber truss roof structure, which required repair and restoration. A final large three-storey extension, with basement, was added in the 1920s, this structure consisted of internal steel frame with external masonry perimeter walls.

The internal alterations and roof extension required extensive calculations and analysis of the structure to enable an economically viable solution to result in minimal strengthening of the buildings original structure.